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So :iconjarod176: and I were in class and we decided we needed to do a Hunger Games parody!
:iconmorcav: -PRIM EVERDEEN! (Morgan)
:iconloplovinglydia: -KATNISS EVERDEEN! (Lydia)
:iconjarod176: -EFFIE TRINKET! (Jarod)
:iconzoealexis: -PEETA MELLARK! (Zoe)
:iconreerachel: -CINNA (Rachel)
:iconcoolman1233: -CEASER (Dillon)
Amy -GALE (She's moving, so Gale may be re-casted)
Producer: Michelle LeTarte
Well here's the cast, we've created the script, and we're currently working on costumes, make-up, and scenery! Now, are you wondering where you guys come in? Well, we want to include any hunger games art or parody photos on set. You have a few options:
1. A parody deviation.
2. A photo for our 'tribute wall', along with the name of what tribute you would like to be featured as, along with the name you would like to be credited with. (this can be any tribute aside from katniss or Peeta)
3. Fashion photos with your capitol-crazy designs.
4. Your OC's portraits.
5. Other Hunger Games Fan-art.
The more people, the better! Please keep your art and photos at least PG-13. I'll update this with tributes, along with their photos, fan-art, fashion photos, parody deviations, and photos of the cast. I'm also hoping we can create some hunger games promotional posters. I wont reveal all the details yet, but you can add your sumbissions to our deviantart group here: In their according folders.
Youtube Channel: ShowOfPlenty…
Deviant Group: ShowOfPlenty
Twitter: ShowOfPlenty!/ShowOfPlenty
(Our page's aren't quite finished, so sorry about that ahead of time, but they're functional so check them out. No videos yet! Eventually, we will have more than just this Parody if all goes well!)
Visit our deviantart page to see more details!
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Submitted on
May 11, 2012